As of March 19th, the Wellness Center will begin providing services via modified operations. Learn More
As of March 19th, the Wellness Center will begin providing services via modified operations. This will be a transition for everyone so we're asking that you bear with us as we all make this adjustment in addition to so many other changes in life these days. Health Services will move from walk-in visits to scheduled appointments only. All campus counseling services will be provided through tele mental health (TMH) meaning counseling sessions will no longer be face to face. We are offering counseling services through two means: over the phone and through google hangouts. Everyone on campus has access to Google Hangouts through their nnu email account. 

For students to set-up a counseling session or an appointment with Dr. Hemphill, please email This will be the only way to schedule. They will get a response saying the following:
Thank you for your email requesting a counseling or health services appointment. You will get a response within the next hour to be scheduled. Counseling appointments will be available during regular business hours, 9am-5pm, Mountain Standard Time. Dr. Hemphill will be available in the afternoons, between 1-5pm Mountain Standard Time, and again, only scheduled through emailing Please let us know 2 optional times that work for your appointment, with which counselor or with Dr. Hemphill, and for counseling, if you prefer over the phone or a google hangout. If this is a medical emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911. If you have specific questions about COVID19, please email

These changes are effective immediately and will continue through the remainder of the academic calendar. Virtual counseling appointments are also available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during spring break (March 24,25,26) between 9 am and 5 pm mountain time.