NNU Early Alert

It is our desire to get help to students as soon as possible when they are struggling, moving towards crisis or presently involved in a crisis situation.

As a part of NNU, you may be one of the first to be aware of a student’s need or situation. He or she may be a friend, a classmate, or just someone you see on campus. You may directly refer any student to the Wellness Center, by giving them information for walking with them over to make an appointment. You may also simply alert us to their need by calling 467-8466 or by e-mailing You have the ability to give the alert anonymously if you so desire.

If you are reaching out to a student and would like support or guidance in how to do so while maintaining your own healthy boundaries, the Wellness Center offers free support and consultation.

The following is a list of possible behaviors or situations that might indicate a need for help. This list is by no means comprehensive:


  • change in behavior pattern
  • non-assertive behavior
  • loneliness/shyness
  • depression
  • anxiety


  • relationship conflict
  • death of a friend or family member
  • rape, date-rape
  • abuse (sexual, physical, verbal)
  • family conflict


  • eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia)
  • sleep problems
  • drug or alcohol use
  • suicidal thoughts, threats or attempts
  • reoccurring illness

ACADEMIC (contact Heidi Tracht x8780)

  • attendance irregularity
  • dropping out
  • fluctuation in participation levels

All efforts are made to get students the help they need in the most helpful and least interfering way. Our goal is to be a support to students in a way that enables them to remain at NNU and be successful in their academic and social life. The Wellness Center usually attempts to contact students via phone or email shortly after being made aware of the issue. Effort to make face-to-face contact is increased for students with risk for suicide.