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Confidentiality & Ethics

Wellness Center counselors and interns adhere to legal and ethical standards set forth by their governing bodies. For more information about the code of ethics, please refer to the American Counseling Association.

Our services are confidential, barring predefined circumstances that require an exception to this confidentiality: If it is believed that an individual may harm him/herself or someone else, or if there is current abuse of someone who is underage or elderly, or if required by a court of law to do so; then confidentiality would be compromised to protect those involved or to meet legal requirements.

For more details on counseling information, please view the Counseling Polices and Procedures.

To Make An Appointment

To make an appointment, contact the front desk at (208) 467-8466 or email

Calling the front desk is the easiest and quickest way to make a counseling appointment.

Reasons Students Come to Counseling

Some of the reasons students come to counseling include:

Additional Resources

Crisis Numbers and Emergency Resources
If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, please use these help lines.

Self-Evaluation Resources
The ULifeline Self Evaluator was designed to screen for 13 of the most common mental health conditions that college students face.

Peer Mentors
NNU's Peer Mentors are made up of a variety of students who are selected with the purpose of providing a peer outreach to our students. Peer Mentors are trained to keep things confidential, reach out to others, make appropriate referrals, and to be good listeners.